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Safety & Security

Rosewood Simcoe is a place you can call home. Not just because it’s where you wake up every morning, but because you’re surrounded by peace of mind and warmth from people who genuinely care about your well-being. We believe you should feel safe and reassured when living here. Our security and state of the art fire and safety systems, including sprinklers and smoke detectors in every room, are just the beginning. All our staff are trained in health and safety, which means that your safety isn’t treated like a job – it’s woven into everything we do.

  1. Health and safety training
  2. Resident’s bill of rights
  3. Fire safety
  4. Emergency preparedness; 24/7 emergency response system
  5. WHMIS

What people are saying.

Residents and Patients

“Without exception my experience living at the Retirement Home was outstanding. I simply cannot say enough about how wonderful Joseph and his team were.”
M.B., Bowmanville, Ontario

“Before I was transferred to my current home I was very apprehensive about living in a Long-Term Care facility. Joseph and his team were always so pleasant. They have such wonderful personalities.”
T. K., Richmond Hill, Ontario

“Joseph is to be commended for his excellent team and staff. It is very evident that they take great care in hiring their employees. Their cheerfulness, smiles, expertise and true concern for me truly sped up my recovery.”
F. J. Mississauga, Ontario

“In June of 2016 I relocated my mother from the Ottawa Valley to Simcoe, ON. It was my desire to have her closer to my family and see her receive the assistance needed to maintain her independence. Finding a facility was not an easy process. Through a wonderful chain of events I found Cedarwood Gardens now known as Rosewood. From the outset Cheryl and her staff went out of their way to help mom feel at home. The staff constantly go the extra mile. They remember the little details to make her comfortable. They also encourage her to strive to maintain her independence. If concerns arise they are quick to hear and address them.
I am pleased to recommend Rosewood as a facility that truly cares for their residences.”
G. J. Closs

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