Sample Menu

“Serving only the finest meals, Rosewood offers something for everyone!”

We believe food is more than sustenance. Good food should be enjoyed with friends, made with fresh local ingredients, prepared from scratch by an experienced culinary team and served by friendly and courteous dining staff who know your personal tastes.

Breakfast Sample Menu

Muffin, Hot/Cold Cereal, Toast, Bacon

Lunch Sample Menu

Local Roast Beef, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, In Season Veg, Yorkshire Pudding, Rice Pudding

Dinner Sample Menu

Mini Quiche, Buttered Toast, Pie, Pastrami

Soup of the Day


Sandwich of the Day


Rosewood supports area farmers by choosing fruits and vegetables from local growers for farm to table freshness!

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Rosewood Simcoe P: 519-428-9480, E: Rosewood Simcoe
Rosewood Erie Glen P: 519-322-2384, E: Rosewood Erie Glen

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