Our Services

“The heart of our philosophy is the creation of a warm and caring atmosphere through laughter.”


Residents and guests can enjoy the atmosphere of dining in a social setting.

Meals are served at your table. We will ask you about any food likes and dislikes, so that we may accommodate your tastes and make mealtime a pleasant experience.

In special circumstances, such as illness, tray service to rooms is available.

In the morning, enjoy breakfast at 8:30.

Lunch is the lighter side of the two mealtimes and is served at 12:00.

Dinner is the main meal of the day and is served at 5:00.

Snacks and fresh fruit, in addition to tea, coffee, and juices are available throughout the day.


Rosewood RVilla provides thorough cleaning each week as well as daily trash pick-up.

Thorough cleaning includes: floors, bathrooms, kitchenette (if applicable), light dusting and kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Laundry and bed linen is washed and changed on shower days by the nursing staff.


A fire alarm system is installed throughout Rosewood RVilla, with fire bells and pull stations located at each exit as well as sprinklers throughout the entire building.

Rosewood RVilla is a smoke-free environment. In order to ensure safety, comfort and security, Rosewood RVilla does not allow smoking in any of the residents rooms or common areas.

To protect all residents, all perimeter doors are kept lock 24/7.

Handrails are located in all hallways and grab bars are in each bathroom. A call system is located beside each bed and in each bathroom. This is offered for the safety and security of residents. When residents require assistance or have an emergency, the call bell can be activated which automatically alerts staff.


A calendar of activities and events will be posted weekly so residents will be able to keep track of upcoming events that are being offered.

Family and Friends

Family and Friends are welcome to visit residents as often as they choose. They are invited and encouraged to participate in the daily activities of their loved ones.

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Rosewood Simcoe P: 519-428-9480, E: Rosewood Simcoe
Rosewood Erie Glen P: 519-322-2384, E: Rosewood Erie Glen
Rosewood RVilla P: 519-395-0225, E: Rosewood RVilla